When I plan my shots I always remember that this moment in time will be frozen for all to enjoy. It can be a testament to both the models and my feelings. Taking a vision and making it come to fruition is the challenge that drives me each and every shoot. My goal is to project mood in everyone of my images.

I love meshing the background into the story of the picture. That is why I scout my locations ahead of time and shoot them before the model ever arrives. I want you, the viewer, to be able to literally inhale the panorama of the image. Thus the background is as important to the image as the model herself. Balancing the composition so that the background compliments, but never dominates the subject matter, is the art of a great picture. Consequently, I love to lead the model on an adventure, not just a picture taking session.

The imagery that I project comes from my heart, inspired by my dreams. It can be said that a little part of me is captured within each of my pictures. Thus a GW Burns image is in essence a landscape of moods, emotions, and feelings that are my gifts to you.

If you are looking to give your pictures an edge of style, imagination, and uniqueness, contact me. I have a great collection of vintage and retro clothes by Passe' Boutique for my models to choose from for one of a kind quality shots.

GW Burns